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撞球达人与John Barton 针对仿冒JB杆筒的声明
编辑:撞球达人    日期:2011-07-24

最近一位刚收到JB 5孔手工杆筒的球友,辛苦等了三个月的时间终于拿到了杆筒,但是却和我抱怨说有人说他的杆筒不是正品。我和John 听了感觉很滑稽,又很生气,有些无语。

个别商家销售仿冒的JB杆筒,居然反过来指责我们的正品JB杆筒,对客户造成不好的影响,甚至心里因素作祟,还怀疑是JB杆筒品质不好,还拿出仿品的JB杆筒进行比较,恰恰就是比较反而能说明JB杆筒和仿冒品的区别。因网络的影响力很大,所以我和John Barton 通了电话,也看了仿冒JB杆筒的图片,特别做如下声明:

目前中国内所有的正品JB杆筒都来自唯一的撞球达人台球用品。一些个别地方出现的仿冒JB杆筒,有的是完全复制JB网站上的客户定制品,甚至连客户个性化名字都完全复制,还有的是直接制作JB没制作过的款式,然后肆意打JB cases的商标,这些仿制品皮料次,做工粗糙,无正品的质感也没有能使用终身的品质,为此John 特意来邮件说明如下 :



Subject: Satisfaction Guarantee and Counterfeit products


Dear James,


We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If a customer is not happy with a case then we will do whatever we can within reason to make them happy. This includes building a new case if we must.  We ask that the customer inspect their case when they receive it so that we may get it back in an unused condition if they are not happy.


I understand that you have a customer who is not happy with our work and our design.  Regarding design we can assure you and the customer that this tooling design is the only one we have ever done.  It is 100% unique.  For the workmanship we work to the best practices of leather working and I am confident that our cases are as good or better than any similar case in the world.  However as I said we want the customer to be satisfied and so as long as he can tell us where he feels we need to improve then we can build another case with special attention to his concerns.


Regarding the delivery time.  We are booked solid with custom orders and we do not build cases with any shortcuts like the cheap copycats do.  We build cases to last a lifetime and so we feel that the time it takes us to build it is worth the wait.  If a person does not wish to wait then we are happy to send them to another case maker and move to the next person in line.



There are many choices for cases out there including shitty copies of our product.  Most customers do not understand the art of making leather cases and sorbet only see the ouside.  In fact there is three times as much work in our cases in a lot of critical areas to insure that the case will be protective and durable for a lifetime.  We follow the tradition of leatherworkers who build products to be usednhard like saddles and hunting gear, products where someone's life might depend on the quality of the construction.


So this brings me to the asssholes who are copying our case and even daring to use my name.  These people have no morals but more importantly they have no warranty.  They don't take responsibility for the product because they are using my name and reputation.  They have no reason to do good work and it shows on their products.  Nothing as bad as the case in these pictures will ever go out of my shop.


I feel bad if anyone gets fooled into purchasing these awful copies.


I will do everything I can to alert the consumers to them and try to find the people responsible and take action towel this thievery of my brand and designs.  Beside us you are the ONLY authorized dealer of JB Cases in China and we will let everyone know it.


Thank you for your support.


Best regards,


John Barton, JB Cases Maker










我了解到最近你有一个客户不满意我们的款型设计和制作效果。说到款型设计,我们尽我们最大努力让每一个客户的杆筒都不重样,100%唯一,这是为什么客户反馈说收到的和之前的有所不同 ;而说到制作效果,我们对我们多年皮具制作的经验非常有信心,我们的产品的皮具质量一定不输与或者好过世界上任何类似的杆筒。然而我们总希望客户满意,如果客户能和我们沟通并告诉我们如果做的让他觉得更好,我们也可以投入特别的注意力再行制作。










以上是John Barton 原文,英文好的朋友可以自己阅读,在我看来JB正品的品质和质感,是明显和仿品有区别的,下面就一个正品JB和仿造品进行图片比较,让广大球友擦亮眼睛:


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